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Judicial Appeal – Lottery Lawyer

Judicial Appeal – Lottery Lawyer

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As a Florida licensed lottery lawyer, Andrew Tapp handles a variety of legal matters pertaining to Florida Lottery Retailer contracts.  In some cases, where the Lottery has terminated your store’s contract, a lawsuit may be necessary.

Under Florida’s laws, and the retailer contract, you have the right to challenge a disqualification in court.  As a business, however, you aren’t allowed to represent yourself.  That’s where we can help.  Our firm offers low cost or flat fee representation for lottery retailers statewide.  Our knowledge and experience give us insight into the Lottery’s processes, and can help give your store the upper hand.

What We Do

Anytime you hire a lawyer, you should interview him or her and decide if that person has the knowledge and experience your store needs.  As a Florida lottery lawyer, Mr. Tapp prides himself on having access to one of the most powerful legal research tools available.  Coupled with his extensive commercial and complex business litigation background, Mr. Tapp has hard to find experience and knowledge.

Our representation is comprehensive.  While we excel at trial, we understanding that sometimes the best outcome can be achieved through mediation and negotiation.  Nevertheless, we believe it is important to support our clients goals, and work diligently to prepare cases to be presented to a judge or jury for resolution.

Do You Have a Case?

If your store lost its lottery contract, you should consult with a lottery lawyer to evaluate your case.  Though there are many well qualified Florida attorneys, this industry is very specific.  As such, we do not usually recommend that your store retain an attorney without experience.  Our firm offers free consultations to review Lottery contract terminations and to give you advice on how to proceed.  Because our consultations are no-obligation, we would recommend that you call us, even if you do not intend to retain us.  (813) 228-0658