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Lottery Contract Defense

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Florida Lottery Contracts

Without a doubt, a Florida Lottery Contract adds to your store’s revenue.  However, the prospect of losing that contract is scary for most retailers.  It is our pleasure to represent Florida Lottery Retailers in cases where they have been wrongfully accused of breaking the regulations, or where the Florida Department of Lottery has refused to enter into a contract.  We know how important these contracts are, and work tirelessly in your defense.

What We Do

Our first and most significant goal is to protect your Florida Lottery contract.  In doing so, we craft letters and memorandums of law to the Florida Department of Lottery which set out your case.  We tirelessly make phone calls to the decision makers, and work to prevent them from acting before they have all of the facts.  We work with your store to fix compliance issues, and to remediate sanctions.  Though much of our time and effort goes on behind the scenes, our results are what count.

We are also aware that you are busy running your own business.  So, we work to make the process as painless and stress free as possible.  Our staff is available to answer your questions through e-mail, text and telephone communication.

What You Need to Know

To begin with, our firm offers free – no obligation – consultations to help retailers make educated decisions.  The worst cases we have seen have been where retailers decide to contact the Lottery on their own.  Costly mistakes are easy to make.  In order for us to evaluate your Florida Lottery contract matter, we will need to see:

  1. Any written communication you have received from the Florida Department of Lottery;
  2. Any written communication you have sent to the Florida Department of Lottery;
  3. A copy of your Florida Lottery contract; and
  4. Any other documents that you may have which you believe could be pertinent for us to know.

Once you have gathered this information, call us to schedule your free consult.  (813) 228-0658